Nigeria is one of the world’s top providers of cocoa beans, making trading cocoa beans a beneficial industry. Notwithstanding, for the individuals who are new to the field, starting an organization to sell cocoa beans can be a challenge. In this blog post, we’ll explore the means for beginning an organization that export cocoa beans from Nigeria and explain why doing so can be profitable.

where to buy cocoa beans in nigeria

Because they are a key component in so many delectable sweets and confections, cocoa beans are in high demand everywhere in the world. Farmers produce cocoa beans in many various parts of Nigeria, where they are a significant farming product. There are several choices accessible to you if you want to purchase cocoa beans in Nigeria.

Local Markets

Local market places are one of the most well-liked locations to purchase cocoa beans in Nigeria. These market centers are a great area to find quality, fresh cocoa beans and are normally facilitated in the cities and communities where cocoa beans are produced. Since a considerable lot of the sellers at these market centers are farmers, you can be certain that the products you buy are of the greatest quality. Local marketplaces are also a fantastic method to assist small producers and support the regional economy.

Cocoa Farmers

Directly purchasing cocoa beans from a cocoa farmer or cooperative is another choice for doing so in Nigeria. In Nigeria, many producers and cooperatives offer their cocoa beans to consumers directly, either online or through regional wholesalers. This is a great method to get quality cocoa beans at a discount price, and it also supports nearby farmers. You can also buy cocoa beans online and have them brought right to your door from some farmer’s and cooperative’s own websites.


You can also buy cocoa beans from shops and food stores in Nigeria if you’re looking for a more practical choice. Nigerian shops and food stores sell a range of cocoa beans from various parts of the nation. So, If you want a larger variation of cocoa beans to choose from and a more efficient purchasing experience, this can be a really good choice for you, cause the grade of the cocoa beans you’ll find in shops and grocers may, somehow, differ, so make sure to read the description and purchase from reliable vendors. You don’t wanna buy bad cocoa beans

Online retailers

The purchase of cocoa beans in Nigeria can also be made through Internet merchants. Numerous online retailers in Nigeria that market cocoa beans provide their clients with a huge selection of choices. These  online retailers frequently carry a broad selection of cocoa beans from various parts of the nation and provide affordable rates. A lot of online stores also provide free delivery and simple refunds, making it simple and practical to buy cocoa beans online.

So, generally, Nigerians have many options with regards to purchasing cocoa beans. A few decisions are accessible, whether you need to get some raw cocoa beans at a local market, straightforwardly from a farmer who needs to sell or co-op, from a store, or on the web (like, Jumia and Kongo) It’s vital to do a ton of research and ensure you purchase from legitimate merchants to ensure you get great cocoa beans that are fresh as well as tasty.

Why exporting cocoa from Nigeria is a lucrative business 

With good cause, cocoa is one of Nigeria’s main agricultural exports. The product can thrive in perfect circumstances in the nation, and there is a steady demand for cocoa on the international market. Let’s look at the benefits of shipping cocoa from Nigeria as a profitable business venture.

Firstly, it’s vital for you to comprehend the demand for cocoa on a global level, cause the interest for chocolate, which is delivered from cocoa, is truly developing quick, and the world purposes around 4 million metric lots of cocoa yearly. The developing working class in non-developing nations, which has more cash available at its disposal to spend on costly products like cocoa, is somewhat to blame for this. besides, the utilization of cocoa in goods other than food, similar to cosmetics and medications, is likewise rising.

Nigeria is in a good condition to benefit from the increased demand for cocoa around the world. With plenty of rain and warm temps, the nation has an ideal environment for producing the produce. Nigeria’s earth is also ideal for growing cocoa because it is nutrient-rich and has excellent ventilation. This means that Nigerian producers are able to create quality cocoa beans that sell for a high price in the international market.


The fact that Nigeria has a sizable and expanding populace is another benefit of shipping cocoa from the nation. As a result, there is now a local market for cocoa goods, which can help to steady prices and give producers a consistent source of demand. Nigeria has lower wage costs than other nations, which makes cocoa production more affordable for producers.

The government of Nigeria has also been working to promote the cocoa sector. This involves assisting producers with instruction and technical support as well as  investing in research and development to increase the harvests of cocoa plantations. In order to expand the number of cocoa producers in the nation and raise the caliber of the beans made, the government has also established a cocoa growth industry.

The cocoa business in Nigeria is also being boosted by a number of private-sector projects. For example, local chocolate makers are burning through cash on new manufacturing facilities, which will raise the cost of the cocoa beans they buy from farmers. Moreover, a few organizations are advancing harmless to the ecosystem strategies for developing cocoa, which can assist with ensuring a reliable supply of high quality cocoa beans from here on out.

Due to the high worldwide demand for cocoa, the country’s advantageous growth circumstances, its sizable internal market, its comparatively cheap cost of labor, and its helpful government policies, shipping cocoa from Nigeria is a profitable business chance. The cocoa market in Nigeria is presently growing and has enormous promise. Nigeria has the potential to play a significant role in the global cocoa industry with the proper investments and assistance.

what country is the largest exporter of cocoa beans?

The main component of chocolate is cocoa beans, which are also used in many other culinary items. But which nation sends the most cocoa beans, you ask?

The Ivory Coast, which is a pleasant country in West Africa, it is the greatest maker of cocoa beans. This country is the greatest supplier of cocoa beans in the world, creating over 30% of all cocoa beans consumed around the universe. A larger number of individuals in the Ivory Coast got work and earn cash from the cocoa business, which are important monetary suppliers to the country. Small family fields produce the legumes, which are then sold to bigger businesses for preparation and sale. It’s sad but the Ivory Coast has encountered difficulties recently, including problems with child labor and poor rates for producers, despite its supremacy in the cocoa market. Despite these difficulties, the nation continues to be the world’s biggest producer of cocoa beans and a significant participant in the global chocolate market.

How to start a cocoa beans exportation business in Nigeria, A step-by-step guide

Beginning a company in Nigeria that exports cocoa beans can be challenging, but it can also be lucrative. To get you started, follow these steps:

Step 1: Conduct Market Research

Market study is the first stage in launching a company that exports cocoa beans. This entails learning about the possible profit ratios, the rivalry, and the desire for cocoa beans on the global market. Research the various varieties of cocoa beans grown in Nigeria, as well as the price and grade of those beans.

Step 2: Obtain the Necessary Licenses and Permits

You must acquire the required permissions and permits from the Nigerian ship Promotion Council (NEPC) and the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) in order to ship cocoa beans from Nigeria. Additionally, you’ll need to establish your company with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Note: A government-issued authorization from the (NGCC) Nigerian Good Clearance Certificate is required to ship products from Nigeria that cost more than $5000.

Step 3: Secure Funding

Investing a sizable sum of money is necessary to launch a company exporting cocoa beans. To pay for the price of buying cocoa beans, shipping, and other costs, you will need to find financing from donors or financial organizations.

Step 4: Establish Relationships with Suppliers

You must build connections with vendors who can offer you a consistent supply of high-quality cocoa beans if you want to start shipping cocoa beans. You can locate vendors by traveling to Nigerian areas that produce cocoa, going to trade shows, or calling sector organizations.

Step 5: Identify your Target Market

Prior to shipping cocoa beans, it’s critical to determine your goal market. This will enable you to customize your marketing strategies and ensure you are focusing on the appropriate demographic. You ought to do some research on the different sorts of cocoa products that are exceptionally sought after in your target market, as well as the expenses and rules.

Step 6: Find Buyers

The next step is to find customers for your cocoa beans. By networking with other cocoa importers in Nigeria, going to trade shows and events, and running web advertisements for your company, you can find customers. Contacting exporters of cocoa in other nations, such as those in Europe, Asia, and North America, will also help you discover customers.

Step 7: Create a Business Plan

Any company needs a business strategy, but one for the sale of cocoa beans is particularly crucial. Market study, budgetary forecasts, marketing strategy, and a management plan should all be covered in your company plan. A thorough strategy for shipping the cocoa beans should also be included, along with the necessary procedures and paperwork.

Step 8: Start Exporting

After completing the previous procedures, you can begin shipping cocoa beans. In order to do this, you must first cooperate with your vendors to buy and obtain the cocoa beans, then with your clients to ship the beans to your intended market. Additionally, you will be responsible for managing all pertinent paperwork, such as receipts, bills of transportation, and export permits.

Step 9: Follow Up

It’s crucial to follow up with your customers after shipping the cocoa beans to make sure they got them in excellent condition. Additionally, make sure the money for the cocoa beans is received promptly by keeping track of the payment.


In summary, beginning an importation company for cocoa pods in Nigeria can be successful, but it takes a lot of study, preparation, and labor. However, if you take the correct strategy, you can effectively enter the cocoa industry on a worldwide scale and expand your company. Don’t forget to locate customers, acquire quality cocoa beans, get the required permits and certifications, and ship the cocoa beans on time.

You can make a name for yourself among Nigeria’s top producers of cocoa by persevering and working diligently.

Beginning a company in Nigeria that exports cocoa beans can be difficult, but it can also be very lucrative. You can effectively launch and expand your own company that exports cocoa pods by following the instructions provided in this guidance.