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Imo govt embarking on soil mapping to increase yield- Deputy Gov

The Deputy Governor of Imo State, Professor Placid Njoku has said that the state is currently doing soil mapping in order to know which crop best suit a particular soil. 
This move is expected to boost crop production in the state as the right fertilizer that fits a particular soil could easily be detected. 
Professor Njoku disclosed this during the 9th Animal Science Association of Nigeria (ASAN) and the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) joint Annual Meeting held in Abuja. 
“For us in Imo State, we are very responsive to developments in our times, for agriculture, for example, we have established a new University of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and the essence of that is to ensure that we have more efficient production systems in agriculture in Imo state. 
“What I mean is that we recognize that the soil from even one part of Imo state to another must be different and therefore, what does this soil here require for the crop you are going to put on it? And so when we know those factors, you provide those nutrients to the soil, then soil is able to carry the crop put on it and give it the best production levels. 
He said the state also created a new ministry of livestock development which is targeted at concentrating fully and exploiting the opportunities that exist in the state. 
“The second thing we’ve also done is that we’ve created a new ministry of livestock development. So we now have a Ministry of Agriculture and also a Ministry of livestock development so that each of them can concentrate fully on exploiting the opportunities that exist in the state in those areas. 
“So with that you can see that there is so much that can be done and furthermore, we are also training our young people in their thousands to enable them develop skills that will enable them go into agriculture or into any other trade and do well. 
“So this is part of what we’re doing so that the are unemployed young people that are at home can have a future”, he said. 

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