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IFA Announces the 2020 Industry Stewardship Champions of the Fertilizer Industry

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Following the launch of its Industry Stewardship Champions program in 2019, the International Fertilizer Association (IFA) is proud to announce that the commitment from its members to Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) has further increased in 2020.

During today’s Annual General Meeting, 48 IFA members from 40 countries* were recognized as Industry Stewardship Champions for their outstanding achievements in product stewardship.

This Industry Stewardship Champions label is attributed to fertilizer companies that have participated in all of IFA’s most recent Safety Performance, Environmental Performance, and Energy Efficiency & CO2 Emissions benchmarks and that are certified IFA Protect & Sustain, the de facto product stewardship standard for fertilizer companies, or have valid international certifications that are the building blocks of it (ISO, OHSAS, Responsible Care).

IFA’s Chairman, Dr. Mostafa Terrab (CEO of OCP, Morocco), praised all 34 companies who became Industry Stewardship Champions in 2019 for remaining on this excellence level and he presented gold medals to the following 14 new entries into this elite club:

Alexandria Fertilizers, Chambal Fertilizers, ETG, Fertial, Indo-Jordan Chemicals, IRM, K+S, Kazphosphate, Omnia, PFIC, Ravensdown, Uralkali, Valagro, ZFC

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