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Nigerian Moringa farmers set to launch N9bn plantation

Moringa Farmers and Manufacturers Association of Nigeria said it has finalized  plans to kickstart a N9 billion moringa oleifera farming plantation in the 774 local government area Nigeria as part of efforts to reduce the challenges of unemployment in the country.
The President of the association, Mr Michael Ashimashiga made this known on Tuesday while speaking with journalists in Abuja.
He said the association which has about 5,000 members, is targeting 10 million youths for the raining season planting to cultivate and sell the plant in view of its high demand both locally and internationally.
Ashimashiga while noting that the development of the country depends largely on agriculture, said moringa is one plant that does not only have health benefits but economically viable.
The president said, there was a ready market to offtake each farmer’s yield. He also added that the association would also buy the produce from the farmers.
Ashimashiga noted that the association had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with their off takers to support the youths to start a Moringa farm.
He further noted that each of the youth beneficiaries would be given a plot of land and moringa seeds at no cost, to cultivate.
Moringa oleifera is a fast-growing, drought-resistant tree of the family “Moringaceae”. It is commonly known as drumstick tree and used as vegetable among other things. Moringa is very useful in high quality poultry yield among others. The economic benefit also cannot be overemphasised.
While noting that India and China are generating good revenue from their moringa plantations, the Moringa farmers and Manufacturers President said Nigeria have the capacity to do better in terms of revenue generation from the plant.
“Nigeria’s Moringa is one of the best in the whole world, unfortunately it is not on the list of agricultural products and we will keep clamouring for it to be included to help solve the problem of unemployment.
“Supporting the moringa farmers will help everyone because  we have the best moringa in the world, our foreign off takers have come to see it and what one hectare of moringa produces, 50 hectares of rice can’t produce”, he said.

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