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Nigeria has made progress in rice production- Farmer

A rice farmer and processor based in Plateau state, Peter Dama while speaking Agro News Updates, said the government had done remarkably well in rice production. 
He said the closure of land borders had helped local rice farmers and processors to go back to business and also make huge profits. 
“The government has made remarkable contribution in rice production, this is because with the introduction of Anchor Borrowers Program, you can see we have a lot of rice, a lot of paddy which we use in milling. 
“In the milling sector, you find out that a lot of Nigerian millers are now milling and selling out their rice as a result of closure of the borders which has curbed smuggling activities, and we have a lot of Nigerian rice now, some moribund mills are coming up because some people were discouraged in the past (how can they be milling and foreign rice is coming into the country). 

“But now with the patronage of Nigerian rice, a lot of people are selling, in fact if you go to the market, you will find out it is mostly Nigerian rice you find being displayed”, Dama said.
Commenting on fertilizer, the Plateau state farmer said though progress has been made, but the distribution of the fertilizers may not be effective due to some activities of middlemen.
“You would recall that the government in the past has spoken on subsidy on fertilizer and Nigeria is a very large country, the distribution may not be very effective, but they have tried because some of the farmers already have it, others have not got it, I think they have progressed a bit in that sector, particularly the fertilizer sector unlike what we used to have in the past, you go to the market, you fund the fertilizer very expensive, they are not even available.
“Government has tried its best, and you know the Nigerian factor where you have the middlemen who want to sabotage the efforts of the government”, he said.

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