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OFAB Nigeria launch biotech, biosafety club in school, to strengthen awareness campaign 

The Open Forum on Agriculture Biotechnology (OFAB) Nigeria chapter has taken its awareness on biotechnology to primary and secondary schools, where it formed biotechnology and biosafety club for students.
The aim of this initiative is to educate the students on the importance of using technology to drive the agricultural sector, and also for the students to embark on the awareness creation, speak with their fellow students in other schools on the importance of biotechnology in achieving food security.
Speaking with journalists at the launch of the Biotechnology and Biosafety Club at Highgrade International Secondary School during their 18th Graduation  and Price giving Ceremony in Maraba, Nasarawa State, the Country Coordinator of OFAB, Dr Rose Gidado said it is expected that the club would carry out an intensive awareness campaign on biotechnology.

“What am expecting is intensive awareness campaign that will be carried out by this club, of course starting from the school, getting out to other students within the school, their teachers, their wards because of the negative Information GMOs, it is so high everywhere in Nigeria, so once they start here, talking to people, telling them about the benefits of this technology, just like they have started today, seeing other countries that have benefited from the technology.

“We also want them to go outside their school, helping us in spreading this good information about the technology to other secondary schools, primary schools, maybe universities, all the different sectors of the society, of course we are expecting a lot from them, but they will not do it alone, from time to time we will keep on furnishing them, updating them for them to carry along”

Dr Gidado said that part their sustainability plan for the club was to continue building the capacity of the students, keep a close tab with them and also provide them with the necessary information to assist them in their awareness campaign.

Furthermore, she said said “the teachers are here, the proprietor is involved, he has taken ownership, teachers may come and go, students will graduate. The students that brought about this club are no longer here, but you can see that there is sustainability at the moment.”The two students that spoke did very well at an informed background, they gave all the good information that people need because you have look around where the technology has been used how safe is the technology in the country, is it contributing to their economy, they took care of all these things.

“The issue of sustainability have been taken care of p, since the proprietor of the school is involved, and we too are here of course to keep a close tab with them, we have to keep on updating them, we have to building their capacity, give them all the materials that they need, all the resources they need”.

Highgrade International School is the first school to have the Biotechnology and Biosafety club. Dr Gidado said there were plans to launch the club in other schools.

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