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Ahead of the planting season, things you need to know about Bt Cotton

By Edwin Nwanojuo
Soon the Nigerian textile industry will witness a large turnaround following the approval for the commercialization of the Bt cotton. By next planting season, the Nigerian farmers are expected to have the seeds for planting.As we await for the planting of the Bt cotton, here are some of the benefits of the crop.

Economic benefits of Bt Cotton

Bt canton will bring about 25% increase in cotton yield per acre through reduced pest damage and 50% gain in cotton profit among smallholder farmers.

Textile industry will be revamped, jobs will be created and wealth will be also be created. Gunneries will also be reactivated. Growth of GDP will be increased.

Nigeria will be able to export cotton to other countries of the world and will be a global trade player. Farmers will be business and empowered.

Farmers will enjoy high yield of cotton seeds, improved protection from insects/pests and diseases, increased in tolerance to heat, drought, and other environmental stress.

Farmers will also enjoy early maturity, reduction in use of pesticides by 37% (cost benefits due to reduction in sprays from 10-2 sprays only), significant reduction in use of pesticides/Agro chemicals.

Environmental benefits

It helps reduce agriculture’s negative impact on the land, conserves soil and energy, reduces greenhouse gases thereby mitigating the effects of global warming.

Bt cotton will also minimize use of toxic herbicide, conserve soil fertility and natural resources.

Other benefits

There will be good quality lint, fiber strength and color, availability of raw materials, extra income for the family through processing of cotton oil, increased protein and good textile materials.


About Edwin

Edwin is an agriculture enthusiast who believes in the potency of agriculture in driving economic growth in developing countries. He also believes in the use of biotechnology to advance agriculture in order to fight hunger and poverty. Edwin believes in the power of the media to bridge the gap between policy makers, sector actors and the farmers, especially those in the rural areas.

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